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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. WHO would live in Britain's most haunted house? Is this Britain's most haunted house? The Cage in Essex that was once a prison for witches The Cage, which was formally a medieval prison, played a role in one of England's most famous witch hunts, in which eight women died. Share or comment on this article: Is this Britain's most haunted house?

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The most haunted hotel in every state

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2. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Built in , it used to be major stopover for guests traveling on the many trains that rolled into town but eventually it was closed and turned into a doctor's office and a medical clinic for many years. When the building was renovated once more in the s to be turned into a hotel, the owner reportedly found a baby skeleton in a burlap sack buried within the walls. It's said that both the baby and the mother still haunt the hotel.

The Mizpah Hotel certainly has a reputation for its paranormal goings on both within the state and beyond. Mizpah's current owners don't shy away from the hotel's bizarre fame and say that guests are welcome to interact with the friendly ghosts. The monumental New England retreat is a favorite for getting away from it all but you could find yourself having to share a room with an unexpected guest. It's rumored that Carolyn Stickney, wife of the resort's original owner, has taken up long-term residence.

Look out for an elegant figure in Victorian dress and listen out for light knocks at the door. Carolyn has a habit of slipping into guests' rooms, helping herself to their belongings and then placing them back exactly where she found them. Built in , this stunning coastal villa was the country estate of the Allen family until , when the last of original owner's relatives, Ester Mercur, passed away.

Her husband sold the estate with all its furnishings and it seems like Ester never really left either.

Said to haunt the resort to this day, guests have reported hearing laughter and rustling petticoats as well as smelling a strong perfume waft in the corridors and feeling a ghostly presence. Built in , the pousada was Abraham's dedication to his beloved wife and the legend has it that Julia was so in love with the house, she never left it. Guests report seeing weird apparitions and hearing strange whispers in suite — Julia's former bedroom. The hotel doesn't shy away from its ghostly inhabitant and offers a special Julia Staab American Ghost Package for the bravest guests.

Most Haunted Places in India: Real Stories and Places!

A Tudor-style boutique bed and breakfast, Red Coach Inn has long been the destination of choice for those after a romantic couple's getaway. However, not all romances have ended well here. The hotel is rumored to be haunted by a bride and groom who took their own lives following their wedding. The spooky occurrences include music playing in the night, jewelry going missing from dressers and then reappearing as well as hearing footsteps walking and dancing above despite being on the top floor.

Sitting pretty astride the Eastern Continental Divide, there are almost certainly strange forces at work at the historic Green Park Inn , from electronic interferences to apparitions.

Most Haunted Cities in America

Many think that Laura Green, the daughter of the hotel's founder, haunts room and wanders around the third floor. Apparently, she was jilted at the altar and subsequently took her own life. Her would-be groom is said to be around too — the lingering scent of pipe smoke gives him away. North Dakota's oldest hotel, the Rough Riders Hotel , has been going since and has remained largely unchanged since Theodore Roosevelt stayed here. According to reports, the hotel is haunted by a little boy who likes to cause havoc on the top floor.

Guests have heard tapping on the walls, toilets flushing themselves and even a faint child-like laughter. Although many hotels in Ohio claim to be the most haunted in the state, Lafayette Hotel will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The hauntings on the third floor are said to be so severe some of the employees even refuse to go up there. Located in Marietta, known as the first permanent settlement of the Northwest Territory, the hotel dates back to and is said to be haunted by its former owner. Apparently, he likes to play tricks on guests by relocating items in the room, turning suitcases upside down and emptying shampoo bottles.

A famous legend claims that the original owner W. Guests often report objects moving, doors slamming shut and hearing strange sounds in the room and the hallways. It's also haunted — guests have reported seeing a woman in white who is believed to have taken her own life by jumping off a hotel balcony although no proof has been found to suggest this is true.

Others say they've witnessed a child either playing or sitting on the ground near the site of a former swimming pool. Although there are lots of mentions of spirits of wounded soldiers trying to find peace, the hotel's most famous paranormal guest is Rachel. Said to have been a Confederate nurse during the Civil War, she not only roams the hotel but also the neighboring streets and is known to open guests' drawers without a reason. Better known to ghost hunters as the Providence Biltmore , the stunning landmark hotel has a very dark history. The inspiration behind the fictional hotels featured in the works by both Stephen King and Robert Bloch, it was financed by a well-known Satanist and later also used as a popular speakeasy among mobsters during Prohibition.

The old-world charm in Charleston is exemplified in the romantic Battery Carriage House Inn , however, it's not just charming, it's also haunted. In a city that conjures up a bygone era it's really no surprise that past and present collide. Characters glimpsed at this hotel include a threatening headless torso in room 8, a benign gentleman ghost in room 10 and a glowing entity in room 3.

The Spookiest Places in New York State | Creepy & Real Haunted Houses

Ghost tours are held regularly and many thrill-seekers and ghost hunting groups have spent the night here — the hotel was also featured on a Halloween Ghost Adventures special. The focus of many ghost stories and legends through time, the Union Station Hotel's connection to the supernatural was originally inspired by a horrific accident that took place in Nashville. Known as the Great Train Wreck of , a train departing the then Union State collided head-on with another train costing at least lives.

It's said that those poor souls have returned to the station, now a hotel, seeking solace. The first skyscraper west of the Mississippi, the Emily Morgan housed a hospital, doctors' offices and a psychiatric ward as well as a morgue and a crematorium. Today's guests report strange sights and sounds, and even poltergeist activity, especially on the top floor — the former site of the crematorium. Here are 5 more reasons why San Antonio should be your next US trip.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

The restless spirits are said to roam around the hotel and the maintenance man reportedly said that on the 13th floor his tools moved and lightbulbs were unscrewed all on their own. Built in , the former farmhouse is now a quaint nine-room bed and breakfast in the heart of one of New England's most famous towns, Stowe. If you're hoping for a peaceful sleep though, you might be in for a surprise afterparty.

The inn is reportedly haunted by a rowdy group of ghosts who like to keep other guests up at night with their chatting and laughing. When previous guests have inquired about the noise, the loud rooms have been found unoccupied. Overcome with distress, the bride took her own life and her spirit keeps asking guests the time, waiting for her groom to return. If you're after a celebrity ghost encounter in particular, the Hotel Sorrento in Seattle is a pretty safe bet.

Here you'll find Alice B. Toklas, partner of writer Gertrude Stein, roaming the halls of the fourth floor. Whether you're a true believer in the supernatural or just love a bit of a scare, The Blennerhassett Hotel's haunted ghost tour package is sure to give you a chill. Opened in , the hotel quickly became a showpiece of what later would be known as the Gaslight Era. Although no horrific or tragic events have taken place at the hotel, the building and the quaint town itself are said to be filled with spirits and restless souls.

As part of the package guests embark on a haunted Parkersburg tour with a noted author and medium Susan Sheppard. These are the most fun attractions for fall in every state. Carlos Gomez, a legendary outfielder, said : "I'm scared to go there. They should change the hotel. Everybody doesn't like the hotel. Everything's scary. Jaw-dropping images of the world's most dangerous roads. A typical Old West hotel you can see real bullet holes in the ceiling of the bar , the Occidental has played host to many notable figures from that era, including Butch Cassidy, Calamity Jane and Buffalo Bill, however, its most famous guest still lingers.


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