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In Fervent Faith, Jennifer equips you to: Maintain a fervent spirit at all times Receive a fresh anointing from the Lord Get prayer answers in the face of spiritual warfare Wield your secret weapon against the enemy Walk in intimate fellowship with God And much more! Product Details About the Author.

You might know me as the news editor at Charisma magazine or as the author of books like "The Heart of the Prophetic," "Breakthrough," and "Fervent Faith. Looking back, I am very thankful for the challenges I have overcome. I learned a great deal from them and they have ultimately made me a better person. I'm getting ahead of myself though! You might be surprised to learn that I didn't grow up in the church. I was born in Winter Garden, just outside of Orlando, Florida. As a youth, I visited Catholic churches with my neighbors on Easter and Christmas.

I remember visiting a Presbyterian church on a military base once. I always believed in Jesus, but I didn't come to the Lord until I was 30 years old. I've been sold out to God ever since.


My passion is to see people equipped with the weapons to fulfill their purpose in Christ. Though I have a teaching ministry, I have learned that I can equip far more people through writing because books and magazines go around the world far quicker than I ever could. When I write my books, it's usually in response to personal challenges I've faced or issues the Lord wants me to address as a prophetic voice.

My books are based on revelations God gave me concerning problems like wrestling with doubt, building spiritual maturity, doing spiritual warfare with the spirit of Jezebel and witchcraft, or learning how to get to the next level in my prophetic calling.

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My prayer is that some of the struggles that I have faced and overcome can help you. I'm thankful for those that have reached out to help me and now I want to be able to give back. Whether you looking for the truth about how to operate in prophetic ministry, how to find the determination within yourself to pursue your dreams and destiny, or just need some encouragement along the way, I want to help you like others have helped me.

Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. However we need to "balance the equation" so to speak. In short we are to work out what God's Spirit works in! Is this somewhat mysterious? This is a "trick question" because the answer is "No" and "Yes. However, what is impossible for men naturally , is possible for believers supernaturally , praying in dependence on the Spirit.

When we are filled with self, we cannot pray in the Spirit. When we are filled with the Spirit, He can give us the desire and the power to pray in a manner pleasing to the Father. When we are walking by the Spirit, we are able to pray in the Spirit. Too often in reading Ephesians , we lose sight of the fact that everything Paul calls us to do beginning in Ephesians through Ephesians is completely dependent on the believer first being filled with submitted to and controlled by the Holy Spirit.

It follows that the only way to " pray at all times in the Spirit " Eph , is by continually relying on the the filling of the Spirit in Ephesians Finally, it follows that we need to be very careful not to grieve the Spirit Ephesian note or quench the "fire of" the Spirit 1Th note. See Wiersbe's discussion of "fire" in the OT picture of praying in the Spirit , for when we do, we cannot pray in the Spirit!

Fervent Faith: Discover How a Fervent Spirit Is a Defense Against the Devil

In the following section we will record the thoughts of many great men of God in regard to what praying in the Spirit means to them. When you finish reading the wisdom of these godly men, you should have a firm grasp of what it means to pray in the Spirit. Then there is only one thing left to do The incense is a picture of prayer. It is possible to pray fervently in the flesh and never get through to God. There is a praying which is the breath of God in man Ed : Spirit in Greek is pneuma which literally means "breath" , returning whence it came; this will keep us from falling, and bring us untold blessings.

Formal, lifeless petitions are but a Chinese painted fortress, but praying in the Holy Ghost is an impregnable castle. It is the way all prayer is to be offered. In the Spirit means in the sphere of the Spirit. Or picture it as "in the atmosphere of the Spirit.

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In fact, the only way a believer can function "supernaturally" is when he or she is "in the sphere of the Spirit. God is a Trinity and so it follows that prayer involves all three members of the the Godhead. We speak to the Father, through the Son and by the Spirit's enabling power. Each Person of the Trinity is involved in every action of God. Yet at the same time each Person has a special role to fulfill in that work. The Bible formula is that we pray to the Father, through the Son, and in the Spirit. That means that if the saint expects to really pray, he must be Spirit-filled or Spirit-controlled Eph note.

The fullness of the Holy Spirit is the prerequisite to effectual praying. The Spirit, when yielded to, leads us in our petitions and generates within us the faith necessary to acceptable and answered prayer. We pray by means of the Holy Spirit, in dependence upon Him. Paul frequently describes believers as in Christ , which is also "locative of sphere. In other words, Jesus Christ is that which "surrounds us. You can step out of a circle, but you cannot step out of a sphere Ed : but see following discussion of "in the Spirit".

A sphere surrounds all that is within it. In like manner, Jesus Christ totally surrounds all those who are in Him. No matter where we run we still within His sphere and we cannot escape from Him. When we consider our position within the sphere of Christ with regards to our daily walk, it reminds us that every step occurs within the sphere of our relationship to Jesus Christ.

Now, Carr's analogy breaks down somewhat in regard to the Spirit, because while a believer can never NOT be "in Christ," it is possible for a believer to not be "in the Spirit. When we sin, we in effect " short circuit " His supernatural power supply including His leading and guiding and enabling us to pray in the will of the Father and in a manner which is pleasing to Him. So in that sense we can take ourselves out of the "sphere" of the Spirit's influence.

The remedy of course is sincere confession and sure repentance 1John note , Proverbs note. If it's out of water, it's also out of where it's supposed to be. It's out of its intended environment. The fish is trying to move but it can't go anywhere because it's not in the environment it was made to be in. So it flops and twists and flips, absolutely going nowhere. Because it's trying to be fishy in a nonwater environment and it wasn't created for that.

So no matter how much flipping and flopping it does, all it's doing is running out of breath. The fish will die because it is not in its home. A lot of Christians are flipping and flopping, trying to do better, but we are running out of breath and getting tired because we are not doing it in the right environment.

The environment for living our Christian lives has to be the Spirit. Instead Paul calls for spiritual warfare praying Eph and all praying for that matter to be in the sphere of influence of the Holy Spirit, which in context would be seen in the one who is filled with or controlled by the Spirit, continually being strengthened by the Spirit, Who enables such prayer to proceed forth and Who Alone truly inspires such heaven sent prayer.

If we are continually in a state of resisting, grieving, quenching or lying to the Holy Spirit, we should not be surprised that we seldom are stimulated to pray at moments notice. For example, someone may be describing an affliction, trial or some other spiritual attack and feel compelled to offer to pray and petition God on their behalf, whether you're on the sideline of the soccer field, in the hall between services at church, on the telephone, etc.

How often do you find yourself led to pray for others when they are clearly describing assaults from the enemy? Be alert like a good soldier of Christ Jesus for those " kairos " opportunities for once they have passed, they cannot be relived. But if you are filled with the Spirit, walking in the Spirit, speaking to others in psalms and hymns, etc, you will be in a sensitive state, and when the Spirit broadcast His " SOS " on the FM Band , you immediately receive because of you are spiritually ready.

It is to line up our minds and desires with His mind and desires, which are consistent with the will of the Father and the Son. As we submit to the Holy Spirit, obeying His Word and relying on His leading and strength, we will be drawn into close and deep fellowship with the Father and the Son. Ephesians - MacArthur Commentary. Some people have tried to make that claim, but you cannot introduce speaking in tongues into this verse. Learn to pray in concert with the Spirit. Make your prayers a duet with the One who intercedes for you.

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And he [God] that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit. While you live the Christian life, the Spirit of God within you prays on your behalf. He always prays the right prayer and receives the right answer. Praying in the Spirit is simply making your own prayers consistent with the mind and the will of the Spirit. By walking in the fullness of the Spirit. As your life is filled with the Spirit, as you walk in obedience to the Spirit, and as you are constantly communing with God, the Spirit of God will govern your thoughts so that your prayers will be in harmony with Him.

What a tremendous thing it is to know that I can join my prayers with the Spirit of God and can cry Abba Father from the depths of my heart and know that He hears and answers: The one pervasive goal of our prayer life should be to pray in the Spirit. The Believer's Armor - Ephesians Let me give you a real time illustration of a church praying in the Spirit from the Global Prayer Digest, July 31, - "China is now poised to send missionaries cross-culturally.

They are also a praying church ; in fact more than 10 times more people use this Global Prayer Digest in Mandarin than in English. I pray you are as convicted in a motivating, not condemning sense as I am!

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Spirit filled churches are radical churches, continually praying in the Holy Spirit!