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When U. Major Steve Arnold is tasked with the pre-trial investigations, his aim is to prove that the conductor's genius contributed to the Nazi propaganda, while Furtweangler insisted he stayed to bring comfort to the German people with his music. Mack carries things too far when he marries innocent Polly Peachum"--accompanying card.

Social satire set in Victorian London in which both government and underworld are portrayed as amoral and polluted by economic and political chaos. Polly Peachum, daughter of the king of the beggars, with the help of Mackie Messer and his gang, opens a bank in the belief that legal thievery is more profitable than larceny. In the end, Polly's father, Mackie, and the corrupt police commissioner become partners in the bank and mainstays of society. Yet the result--concerning an occult student assailed by various supernatural haunts and local evildoers in a village outside Paris--is nearly unclassifiable, a host of stunning camera and editing tricks and densely layered sounds creating a mood of dreamlike terror.

With its rolling fogs, ominous scythes, and foreboding echoes, Vampyr is one of cinema's great nightmares. Preoccupied with superstitions of centuries past, he became a dreamer for whom the line between the real and the supernatural became blurred. His aimless wanderings led him late one evening to a secluded inn by the river in a village called Courtempierre" - title screen.

Grey starts seeing weird, inexplicable sights a man whose shadow has a life of its own, a mysterious scythe-bearing figure tolling a bell, a terrifying dream of his own burial but things come to a head when one of the daughters of the lord of the castle succumbs to anaemia - or is it something more sinister? In the period of several days, Katharina's privacy and her honor are destroyed, first by the police who terrorize her, and then by the yellow press, which creates in her name the image of a politicized Bonnie Parker.

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Verzauberte Emma oder, Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge--! Eleven-year old Emma does not have it easy. Both her mother and swim coach expect a lot of her and when a schoolmate Mickey accuses her of being too busy to spend time with her friends, Emma wishes she could become another person.

Much to her surprise, she awakens to find that her wish has come true. Shockingly she has become Mickey and he has become her! What follows is a series of hilarious adventures as the two try to deal with being each other while working to reverse the spell. The story of Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th century Benedictine nun, who was one of the first women to preach and interpret Biblical scripture.

While his Croatian cleaner tries to procure him, his efforts to chat up women in clubs also fail. However, he finds the woman of his dreams and mother of their future children in his most hated coffee shop, although not having a clue how to win her heart Communications Company, and BN Publishing. Based on the experience of a high-school history class in April, , in Palo Alto, Calif. Explores what happened when a teacher started a Nazi-like movement called The Wave in his history class to show the students the effects of such a movement.

A romantic fantasy about an angel who wishes he were mortal and is willing to fall from the sky if it means a chance to fall in love. Set in modern day Berlin, the film follows angel Damiel's path from heavenly flight to earthly delight in a manner that's comical, touching and entertaining. Following a near-death experience, a young woman flees her East German hometown and failed marriage to start over in Hanover. By chance she finds work with an ambitious and determined executive and enters a ruthless world of big business and cut-throat boardroom deals.

But just as she seems poised to fully realize her ambitions, she finds herself haunted by truths from the past that threaten to destroy her new life.

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Die 3 Groschen Oper The 3 penny opera ? MEDIA Aguirre, the wrath of God Werner Herzog. A band of Spanish conquistadors, led by Aguirre, self -styled "Wrath of God," travel up the Amazon in search of gold, but Aguirre's megalomania turns the expedition into a death trip. Ali fear eats the soul An older washerwoman meets, falls in love with and marries a much younger Arab immigrant who works as a mechanic. First rejected by their neighbors and coworkers, they later seem to be accepted, but their relationship is tested by social pressures and illness.

Alice in the cities A year-old journalist on the road from the United States to Europe finds himself with a new traveling companion: a precocious 9-year old girl named Alice.

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A free-lance photojournalist struggles to realize herself as an artist and as a woman straddling multiple worlds- work, womanhood, motherhood, East, West, capitalism and socialism. Angst essen Seele auf Ali, fear eats the soul Anita, dances of vice Tanze des Asters Based on the life of Anita Berber, the first nude dancer and the most scandalous woman in Weimar Berlin. In von Praunheim's film, the Silent Expressionist Era comes alive through the visions of an old woman who claims to be Anita. Committed to a psychiatric hospital, she relives the wild, short life of Anita. Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen Even dwarfs started small The bartered bride , Bartered bride: Adaptation of Smetana's opera about the bartered bride who finally married the young Bohemian she loved.

Last waltz: A prince must choose a bride so a countess and three of her four daughters are brought for the playboy monarch's choosing.

Complications set in, but all is righted when the missing fourth daughter arrives. MUSIC Berlin, die Symphonie der Grosstadt , Bildnis einer Trinkerin Ulrike Ottinger and Tabea Blumenschein. A woman takes a drunken sightseeing tour of Berlin in this exploration of the complexity of female identity. The story deals with the shifting power relationships among three women: a successful fashion designer, her contented assistant and a sultry model. Bolwieser c MEDIA v.

The Cabinet of Dr.

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Caligari Robert Wiene. This drama of terror produced for the silent screen is a leading example of expressionism. It is a tale of the modern re-appearance of an 11th century myth involving the strange and mysterious influence of an evil monk over a sleepwalker. The cabinet of Dr. Caligari a film in six acts c Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach Coming out c Conspiracy , The degradation of a great family, set against the historical background of the "Night the long knives" and the rise of Nazism.

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Das Boot ist voll The boat is full A group of refugees from Nazi Germany seek asylum in Switzerland by posing as a family. Das Boot The boat , Follows the daring patrol of the U, one of the famed German U-boats known as the "gray wolves. Autumn, 43 young German sailors aboard U enter the war against Britain. They seek adventure, respect and heroism. For them, this voyage is for glory. For their captain, a seasoned war veteran at the young age of 30, it is a mission against enemy destroyers in a blood-red sea that can devour a ship and its crew without leaving a trace.

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Das versprechen The promise The story of two lovers trapped on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall after one successfully escapes to the West. Das weisse Band eine deutsche Kindergeschichte c Christa Klages is a young mother distraught at the prospect that her day care center is running out of money. With her lover, Werner, and another friend, she robs a bank. The friend is captured and Werner is killed while eluding the police, so Christa flees with her friend, Ingrid, who helps Christa escape to Portugal.

David David is a young Jewish teenager who is caught up in the Nazi regime's persecution. He survives as victim and witness in this poetic but brutal drama filmed in Germany. Der amerikanische freund c Der blaue Engel The blue angel c, Der Fangschuss c Der scharlachrote Buchstabe the scarlet letter c Der Verlorene Sohn ?

Tonio Feuersinger, a native son of the majestic Dolomite mountain region, is catapulted to New York City at the time of the Great Depression.

Just when he hits bottom, an old friend discovers and rescues him. Despite his new-found luxury and the affection of his friend's daughter, Tonio returns to his village, his people, and his girl. Deutschland bleiche Mutter Germany, pale mother ? Love story set during and after the Nazi era. Explores the private lives of a young bride and her Nazi soldier husband, and her parents, by-standers who tolerated Hitler.