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Paul: Why are you asking all these questions? Jane: What does the girl look like? Is she tall or short? Is she fair or dark? Paul: You really want me to tell you about her. I have told you all I want to say. Jane: Well, please try to tell me a little more about her. Paul: Well, she is shorter than you but taller than Sally. She is also a little darker than me. Jane: What does she do? Where does she work?

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Paul: She works downtown. I think she works in a department store. Jane: What is her name? Paul: I cannot tell you what her name is. Jeg tror jeg ved hvorfor. Martin: Hvorfor? Han har nok bare for travlt til at skrive til dig. Signe: Jeg tror det er fordi at han er forelsket i den pige. Martin: Hvorfor siger du det? Hvordan ved du det? Signe: Hvorfor jeg siger det?

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Martin: Ja, hvorfor siger du det? Signe: Vi plejede at skrive sammen hele tiden. Vi sendte hinanden emails hver uge. Han er stoppet med at skrive til mig. Han har nok andre ting at lave.

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Part 5 Paul: Why do you ask so many questions about the girl living with your brother? Jane: He has not answered my emails for many weeks. I think I know the reason why. Paul: Why? Maybe he is just busy.

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He is probably too busy to write to you. Jane: I think it is because he is in love with this girl. Paul: Why do you say that? How do you know? Jane: Why do I say that? Paul: Yes, why do you say that?

Jane: We used to write each other all the time. We sent emails to each other every week. He stopped writing me. Paul: So what? He probably has other things to do. Det kan ske. Signe: Hvorfor tror du han er stoppet med at skrive til mig? Martin: Hvordan skulle jeg vide hvorfor han er stoppet med at skrive til dig?

Signe: Som hvad, for eksempel?

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Signe: Det er ikke en grund. I det mindste er det ikke en god grund. Signe: Hvorfor siger du at der er mange grunde? Part 6 Paul: Maybe he lost your email address. This can happen. Jane: Why do you think he has stopped writing to me? Paul: How should I know why he has stopped writing to you? Jane: I am sure the girl is the reason why. Paul: There could be other reasons why he does not write. Jane: Like what for example?

Paul: Maybe your brother is angry with you for some reason. Jane: That is no reason. At least it is not a good reason. Paul: There could be many different reasons why he does not write to you. Jane: Why do you say that there are many reasons? Del 7 Signe: Jeg bekymrer mig ikke om min bror. Det er derfor jeg kom her i dag. Signe: Hvorfor ikke? Det er meget vigtigt for mig, som du kommer til at finde ud af. Signe: Hvorfor kommer det ikke mig ved? Martin: Det her er din brors hjem. Han lever sit eget liv. Part 7 Jane: I am not worried about my brother. I am interested in knowing what is going on.

Paul: Well, the thing is, I do not know why he does not write to you. Jane: But I want you to help me. That is why I came here today. Paul: How can I help you? I cannot answer all of your questions. Jane: Why not? This is very important for me as you will find out. Paul: Well, in my opinion, you are asking questions about things that are none of your business.

Jane: Why is it not my business?

He leads his own life. He is on his own. Signe: Jeg har mine grunde.

Jeg ved at jeg har ret. Signe: Jeg tror at det er mere end det. Signe: Det tror jeg ikke. Matin: Det er ret almindeligt i dag at folk bare bor sammen. Part 8 Paul: Why is it your business if your brother has a girlfriend? Jane: I have my reasons. I know I am right. Paul: Maybe the girl just lives in the apartment.

Jane: I think there is more to it than that. Paul: Maybe she just shares in the rent and is not his girlfriend.

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Jane: I do not believe that. Paul: It is quite common today for people to just live together. Jane: Is the girl pretty?