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Born in Leith, Fergusson escaped to Paris as soon as he could. Drenched in colour and often richly sensual, his paintings were overwhelmingly influenced by France, especially the warm south. I was hard-pushed, at first glance, to discern anything particularly Scottish about the overall impression. The artist rationalised his decampment to France in terms of the old Celtic alliance, united by the esprit gaulois.

It is an antipathy that, apparently, may march towards full independence on 18 September.

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Until now, I had not been drawn to the debate. My indifference was sustained by the feeling that Scotland would not quite do it, not when the moment comes. But what if comfortable indifference is culpable complacency? Something changed in me during my trip to Edinburgh. It is hard to articulate the subtle, often contradictory emotions that constitute a sense of national identity.

How history turned against Tory-voting Scotland | Tom Devine

No rational argument can quite explain how a person ends up defining himself as both English and British, or Scottish and British. It relies on differing shades of belonging.

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Part outsider, part native — that was my experience of Scotland. I enjoyed the complexity and uncertainty. I have answered one question but not the other. I now know finally how I feel about the Union. However, I left Edinburgh no clearer about how to make the case to the people who will decide the matter.

He is a former professional cricketer and played for both Middlesex and England. This article appears in the 14 May issue of the New Statesman, Why empires fall.

Capital Punishment and the Criminal Corpse in Scotland, 1740–1834.

Sign up. You are browsing in private mode. Ireland and Scotland's common ancestry has been revealed in the findings of a recent genetic mapping project that spans Great Britain and Ireland. Elsewhere in the report, a comparison of the genomes of ancient Gaels buried in Iceland to the modern genetic diversity of Britain and Ireland found that ancient settlers in Iceland shared the greatest genetic affinity with those on the western Isles of Scotland and the North-West of Ireland.

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