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Telemarketing is a viable option for my mother and the more than six million other Americans who work in the industry.

According to the American Teleservices Association, the telemarketing work force is mostly women; 26 percent are single mothers. More than 60 percent are minorities; about 5 percent are disabled; 95 percent are not college graduates; more than 30 percent have been on welfare or public assistance.

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This is clearly a job for those used to hardship. Interestingly enough, the federal list exempts calls from politicians, pollsters and charities, and companies that have existing business relationships with customers can keep calling.

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Put this in perspective. Are they not the bulk of your annoying calls? Telemarketing giants won't be as affected by the list but smaller businesses that rely on this less costly means of sales will. The giants will resort to other, more expensive forms of advertisement and pass those costs along to you, the consumer. My mother doesn't blame people for wanting to be placed on the do-not-call list.

She doesn't argue the fairness of its existence or take offense when potential clients cut her off in mid-sentence. All her parenting experience has made her impervious to rude behavior and snide remarks, and she is not discouraged by hang-ups or busy signals. What worries my mother is that she doesn't know whether she can do anything else at her age.

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If you see a mom with her child, chances are her patience is being tested right at that moment. As a son, I know first hand that my mom had extreme patience. But aside from that form of patience which is more comparable to tolerance , she was patient when it came to teaching me how to grow and learn. If I failed at anything, she was always there to encourage me to keep trying. No matter how many times she had to do that, she never gave up.

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She always had the time to teach me. She was like this to everyone she knew.

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I want to be patient like my mom. Faith is the most valuable lesson my mom taught me. We were not strangers to the challenges life had to offer. But as you already know, my mom was strong.

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Her strength grounded in her faith. So anytime we faced a challenge, she faced it fearlessly.


We had each other my mom, my dad and me. But most importantly we had God. If there was a potential solution, but would compromise our faith and duties, it was no longer an option.