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B,… 42 copies John W. C,… 36 copies John W. E,… 15 copies John W. Schaum Christmas Album 14 copies John W. H,… 14 copies John W. Schaum adult piano course, Book 2 6 copies Christmas cameos : a set of distinctive piano transcriptions 6 copies Theory Lessons, Book One 6 copies John W. Schaum presents Handel's Messiah : a set of piano pastels 5 copies John W. Schaum adult piano course, Book 3 5 copies Schaum Fingerpower Primer Level 4 copies Hanon-Schaum for Piano Book One 4 copies More Christmas cameos : a set of distinctive piano transcriptions 4 copies Around the world in all keys: Scales, cadences and pieces in the 24 major… 4 copies John W.

Schaum Solo Piano Album : John W Schaum :

Book one 2 copies Piano course. Book one 2 copies Scales and pieces in all keys. The Violet Book. Schaum piano course. After the H book. Book three 1 copy Making music at the piano. Book four 1 copy Making music at the piano. Book five 1 copy Keyboard talent hunt.

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Book 2 1 copy Keyboard talent hunt. Book seven 1 copy Making music at the piano.

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Book eight 1 copy Manual for piano teachers 1 copy Schaum keynote music speller for piano or organ. Book two 1 copy Classic melodies from great ballets : for piano for beginners of all ages 1 copy Classic melodies from great operas : for piano for beginners of all ages 1 copy John W. Schaum "pop" piano course. Book three 1 copy John W. Book One. Book Two. Schaum Theory Lessons in loose leaf form for individual or class… 1 copy Keyboard talent hunt: For the very early child beginner, piano or organ 1 copy Piano Course C 1 copy Fingerpower books 1 and 2 1 copy John W.

Members: None. Add to favorites. Related tags. Events on LibraryThing Local. No events listed. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Schaum, John W. Schaum, John Walter. The variety of music, custom selected for adults, includes famous classic themes, folk songs, spirituals, ragtime, blues, boogie, jazz, and Bastien originals that teach the basics in a straightforward, yet innovative manner. Even beginning students can play along with a jazz band, a symphony, or rock group. New concepts are introduced and reinforced sequentially through the use of original compositions, folk songs and the sounds of today.

This book, combined with the recommended supplementary materials Theory and Technic , continues to assist the student in developing the ability to read and perform musically through interval recognition, sight reading and ear training.

The student will continue to experience the basic elements of improvisation as the creative activities are presented. Supplementary materials are carefully correlated and coded with the lesson book to provide reinforcement of all concepts. The David Carr Glover Method has been created to provide an enjoyable program of piano instruction which is pedagogically sound.

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When music excites our interest and imagination, we eagerly put our hearts into learning it. The music in the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library encourages practice, progress, confidence, and best of all — success! Perfect for private or group instruction. The John W. Schaum Piano Course has been newly revised with percent new engravings and typesetting, color highlighting for concept emphasis, updated song titles and lyrics, and full-color illustrations. The John Thompson Modern Course series provides a clear and complete foundation in the study of the piano that enables the student to think and feel musically.

It may be preceded by the Teaching Little Fingers to Play series. Especially is this noticeable among adults who have either had some elementary piano instruction in their youth or have been denied this study for various reasons. This increased interest is partly due to the widespread influence of radio. Hearing music almost daily has become an integral part of our lives and it is this constant influence which has awakened a keen and natural desire to become an active participant. The adult approach has been kept constantly in mind, however not to the exclusion of certain basic principles which are necessary in order to make rapid and satisfactory progress.

The logical and stepwise manner of progression in this course should prove of inestimable aid to both the student and teacher. Music for Little Mozarts was written by Christine H. Barden, Gayle Kowalchyk, and E. Lancaster to encourage a love for music in young children, ages , and to help them begin learning to play piano. These books help develop singing and listening skills while imparting an appreciation for many musical styles! The adventures and lessons are exciting and imaginative, both at school and at home. Your eager, inquisitive students will discover music and find out how much fun it is to play!

This edition combines the best of the old and the new — a natural, child-oriented sequence of learning experiences that has always been the hallmark of Frances Clark materials, combined with new music of unprecedented variety and appeal. Great pedagogy and great music — a winning combination! This innovative and exciting method series continues to enjoy an unprecedented response from teachers and students across the United States and Canada!

The course strengths are: -Combines the strengths of intervallic reading, multi-key, and Middle C approaches.

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This early childhood method address the challenges and joys of teaching young beginners. With this series, students are encouraged to sing, create, and move in rhythm while learning the basics of the piano.

Schaum Solo Piano Albums for the Young Student

Written for Ages 5 and 6. Publisher Comments: Featuring the proven, pedagogical approach set forth in the basic piano method, Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner continues the tradition of learning music through discovery, creativity, and adventure. Book 2 combines Levels 2A and 2B.

Book 1 presents the fundamentals of music notation, chord playing, and musical form. Now the book and CD can be purchased together or separately. While the music selections in remain the same as the earlier edition, the spacious new engraving with minimal editing generally keeps only one piece per page.