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They all play out in very similar ways, due to traditional aggro design tenets still being in effect. Surprising, right?

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Cost on Magic Online, excluding Basic Lands: 6. This deck probably stands to gain the most from the recent ban, having excellent matchups against the rest of the aggressive decks, as well as much of the rest of the field.

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Playing this deck against heir apparent Mono-Blue Delver is embarrassing for the Delver player, as you just outclass them in card quality. I recently played a Pauper Tournament in which this was my deck of choice, hoping to dodge Cloudpost decks all day.


I made it to the semi-finals before losing to Scottish Magic Superstar Bradley Barclay playing my worst matchup. Squadron Hawk is probably the best form of card advantage in the format, and I think Bonesplitter is probably the most under-appreciated pillar of the format. This is the best Bonesplitter deck.

Fool's Errand (review) by Robin Hobb

Kor Skyfisher deserves a special mention, as he lends elements of non-brainless Aggro to the deck, allowing re-buys on Journey to Nowheres, resetting Javelineers as well as occasionally masking mana-screw, which is very important in a nineteen land deck with three drops — Razor Golem never costing more than three.

The creatures are large enough to go toe-to-toe with the Green ones, and many of them are large enough to profitably block the Red ones on more than one occasion. This would be my deck of choice in the early days of the new Pauper format.

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Cost on Magic Online, excluding Basic Lands: The Blue Delver deck should be quite obvious to anyone who played Standard last year. This deck aims to put a creature on the board in the early game, and protect it and ride it to victory. As with most Tempo strategies, there are very few ways to regain ground should you stumble, but this deck is probably the most developed deck going into the new format, and it just had a bad matchup neutered.

Decks like this serve to keep the format in check, as it basically demands redundancy, or the ability to break through a Counterspell somehow. Next stop on our five colour rollercoaster is at the darker end of the spectrum, as we look at format staple,.

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This is the baseline aggressive deck of the format. Final stop on our guide to aggressive decks today will be…. This is a traditional aggressive creatures plus pump deck that was so popular in the halcyon days of Magic past. So, for those keeping score at home, or who like lists, in order of cost, we have White Weenie — 6.

Goblins — Stompy — Rats — Delver — And in order of my recommendation, we have White Weenie 2. Delver 3. Goblins 4. Rats 5. Share on Facebook.

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  8. Check out the latest preview cards, prices, and preorder here! My favourite Magic the Gathering format is probably Pauper.

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    Join Daenar the young Barbarian and his girlfriend Teppia as they set out from their tiny mountain village of Two Bears Peak on a whirlwind adventure to help the Elves. Along the way they are joined by unlikely allies. Gauwfn, the claustrophobic and almost unintelligible Dwarf.

    Sutibain is a man of the East and former Captain in the Imperial Army. The party is rounded out by a shape shifter now trapped in the body of a huge, white cave lion. Join them as they travel across the land meeting new and wonderful people.

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    Join them as they learn about each other. Join them in their triumphs, their defeats, their sorrows, and their joys. Join them and find new friends. Related Title. Trawick Book 2 of the Frostbourne Chronicles.