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The other kings son that is in charge of getting the gold from underground is living in that area of Earth.

My Biggest Takeaways from the ManKind Project Experience:

His father, the king, had promised him his daughter in marriage but instead banished her from marriage when the king found out about her and his other son sleeping together. Now the kings son in charge of getting the gold asks her to join him in his dwelling. He and his half sister have a newborn daughter. He wanted a son. She has another daughter. He cries out he wants a son but she curses him actual curse.

He now has terrible health problems.

Only upon swearing to stay away from her vagina does she give him relief from her curse. She returns to Eden. He summons his wife and child on Nibiru to come to Earth. He has five sons by his wife and other Anunnaki women.

2. We forgot our connection to life and the cosmos:

The kings other son, after parting with his sister, raped a young healer and later married her. Now he and the sister he loves call their son from Nibiru to Earth. But he is married and has a son by his wife. The gold is getting to Nibiru and made into a fine dust which is placed in the atmosphere. The atmosphere is slowly healing. There are now five Annunaki cities on Earth. The Igigi are starting to complain about the workload.

The Igigi on Mars are complaining the most. The commander of mars is brought to Earth to show him the workings there. He secretly desires to be the king so he steals the tablets of destinies unknown their true scope and power from Eden.

ManKind Project

He believes he can not be defeated while he has the tablets of destinies, but he is defeated and sentenced to death. He died in the twenty fifth shar a shar is believed to be 3, Earth years, the length of a Nibiru orbit around the sun. Twenty five shars would place his execution at approximately 90, years after the Anunnaki came to Earth.

That will leave space on the craft for Igigi to travel to NIbiru for rest. The king agrees. Mentioned are the animals in the tall trees that use their front legs as hands. Other creatures were seen in tall grasses walking upright hominoids. The Igigi in the mines rebel. The kings two sons and others devise a plan to return the rebelling Anunnaki to Nibiru and replace them with new Annunaki workers.

They also decide to create a Lulu. A primitive worker. Chapter 6. The other kings son that is promoting this endeavor is saying the being already exists and they would not be slaves, but helpers. Of course this sounds like a modern day fabrication of a lie. The other kings son says it is against the rules of planet to planet journeying. The others kings son states it was against the rules to even come to Earth. After much debate the king decreed the primitive slave be created. The animals like dragons, centaurs, mermaids, unicorns, etc.

In this portion of the tablet it states they took parts from the behind of one animal and combined it with the front of another. In other words they had been experimenting with DNA. There were many conceptions but the results were not good. Many creatures were created with deformities. The Anunnaki female that had been doing the DNA splicing decided to be impregnated herself.

She conceived and gave birth to a boy child. She named him Adam. Then they decided to ask the young female Annunaki healers from Nibiru if they would be impregnated. Seven stepped forward. The seven gave birth to seven male children. Upon realizing the problem of the demand on Annunaki women, they decided to make female children and let them procreate themselves. The wife of an Anunnaki was asked and consent given to impregnate.

The birth was not normal but the female child was good. Adam and Eve are moved to Eden the main Annunaki city and the seven males and females are placed in cages amongst the trees. The time for them to procreate has come and gone.

No conceptions. Adam and Eve are then left to roam Eden as they please. He is upset and summons the other kings son that was part of the creation to explain. He in turn summons his accomplices in the creation. They all explain the missing DNA, which makes the son in charge of Eden more upset. He had warned of the folly. One of those in the creation speaks up and says the Anunnaki long life was not given to them.

The son in charge of Eden commands them to take their creations out of Eden. Adam and Eve did not leave Eden because they ate the fruit of the forbidden tree. They were expelled because the Annunaki scientists gave them the DNA to procreate and the commander of Eden was mad. Eve was not tempted. None of it was within Adam and Eves control.

Chapter 7. They had many children.

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The Anunnaki now have three generations on Earth. The Adams are working in the fields and mines. The gold is flowing. The Earth is warming. The snow is melting. Volcanoes erupt and the ground shakes. The Igigi are complaining on Mars of high winds and dust storms.

The asteroid belt is in turmoil. On Earth brimstones are falling.

ManKind Project Criticism: What the Event Got Wrong

It appears Nibiru passed by close somehow causing a lot of trouble in the skies. A large asteroid hit the moon. It has now been 80 shars, or , Earth years, on earth. Please notice the Annunaki people that first came to Earth , years ago are still alive. Anunnaki go to the moon and study many things. The three ways of heaven.

The twelve constellations, etc. The king comes to Earth to see the new created space port. The primitive workers Adams and Eves, are captured outside of the city of Eden and brought into the city. They are given chores and jobs to do. In those days grains and sheep were not brought to earth. The kings son that created mankind has a new scheme, but he notices that mankind is reverting backward.

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One day he spied several young Eves and decided to impregnate them with his sperm. They gave birth. It is now the ninety second shar, , years, the Annunaki have been on Earth. The kings son is ecstatic about the births and says he has created civilized man. He wants this to be a secret.