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Doctors sent her home with a far less serious diagnosis.

Days later, swollen and delusional, Ms. Spears was taken by ambulance to another hospital where doctors found a severe clot and extensive tissue damage.

Medical mesh suppliers and manufacturers found negligent

With her life on the line, they amputated both of her legs above the knee. Nearly three years later, Ms.

It also required plaintiffs to find a practicing or teaching physician in the same specialty as the defendant to serve as an expert witness and to demonstrate evidence of negligence before a trial. Spears asked. Tort reform proponents say that such restrictions are the only way to curb frivolous lawsuits against health care providers and that they have drawn more medical professionals to a state with exploding population growth.

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For two years, Ms. The sport of kings is both obvious and dangerous August 16th, A jockey who was catastrophically injured when he fell from his horse during a race, after its hoofs collided with the hoofs of another horse, has been unsuccessful in Just nuts! August 16th, A man who was hit on the head by a security guard after being ejected from a hotel for spitting out nuts, and suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain, has No duty of care for the news no mother wants to hear July 25th, A mother who allegedly suffered psychological injury as a result of being told over the telephone that her son had died in a car accident for which he was solely at Delivering pure mental harm July 15th, The parents of a baby born at Bankstown Hospital, and who suffered profound disability as a result of oxygen deprivation during his birth which was caused by the When medical errors collide; the negligence of a doctor and a hospital that resulted in death June 23rd, In contribution proceedings between a doctor and a hospital arising out of the negligent death of a woman who died on 5 December after elective surgery performed by All rights reserved.

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